Jaymes Payten
Jaymes Payten
Content Marketer
Jaymes Payten

Content Marketer

Copywriter, Not Content Writer



Vague Comedian

Writer of Cookies Polices

Duck-Face Extraordinaire

I'd love for you to get in touch
  • My Location: Cyprus & the UK
  • Email: hello@jaymespayten.com
  • Phone & WhatsApp: +357 99 35 35 19
  • Skype: JaymesPayten
  • What I do: Content Marketer
Looking for a Content Marketer? Get in touch
I’ll sort out all your content marketing needs because guess what, it’s what I do best!

Simply let me know what your goals are (marketing or otherwise) and I’ll pop on my Content Marketer cap and show you how I can help.

Feel free to call, WhatsApp, Skype, or email me.

Just a heads-up; I normally reply to all emails I receive within a few hours. If you need some shock content marketing therapy, it’s best if you WhatsApp me as my phone is always on me.

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If you're old skool like me and prefer emailing using you Gmail or Outlook (I can't stand Outlook and I'm sure it hates me too), then drop me an email to hello@jaymespayten.com.

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