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My Cookies and Privacy Policies come with a twist!
I’m not a fan of reinventing the wheel, so before I put this Policies page together, as well as the actual policies, I took a look at quite a few Content Marketing and Content Marketer sites.

Unfortunately for me, the reinvention of the wheel simply had to happen, and I realised this after coming across the ninth incredibly boring Policies page, which happened to be the Saatchi Privacy Policy. Zzzzzzz.

Go ahead and take a look at it. This is supposed to be one of the greatest, most creative marketing agencies in the world, yet this is what they come up with.

‘Disrupting’ everything!

For those of you that know me, you know what my motto in life (and especially in marketing) is:

‘Disrupt or Disappear’

As a preacher of that motto, I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t implement it everywhere, right?

I knew that even though I was only getting around 5 hits a day on average (at the time), I needed to disrupt the ‘Policies Gang’; a gang who seem to have infiltrated every single website on earth.

If the policies didn’t put me immediately to sleep, they required me to have passed the Bar first, then put me to sleep.

So I stuck two fingers up at the Policies Gang and spent an entire day creating legally binding Cookies and Privacy Policies. Bear in mind that I also had to take GDPR under consideration too. But you know what, this was a task that needed to be done.

Reading Policies with a smile

If you’re one of the poor souls out there whose job it is to read Cookies and Privacy Policies, this page and the Policies that are contained within it are dedicated to you. I’m fairly certain you’ll enjoy reading these Policies 😂.

My Policies
Cookies Policy

👁️ View the Cookies Policy here

📄 Download the Cookies Policy here - Coming Soon!

Policies Awards - Coming Soon!
An image of the The JaymesPayten.com Policy Awards, which are coming soon!

Let’s find the most disruptive Cookies & Privacy Policies!


Coming soon to a page on JaymesPayten.com, I’m going to nominate the top 5 overall Policies PagesPrivacy Policies & Cookies Policy pages.

You guys then get to vote on the best pages!

I’ve done a quick Google search and I’m pretty confident this is the first awarding body of its kind!

 – Coming Soon –

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