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Landing Page Content that Sells
You’re spending money on promoting your landing page, but something’s wrong. You’re landing pages simply aren’t converting.

Here’s why your landing pages aren’t converting

When it comes to creating landing page content, you’ve basically got two options:

  1. Talk about how great your business is, or
  2. Tell the reader what you’re going to do for them.

Small Testicles - JaymesPayten.com

Unfortunately, most companies seem to choose option 1.


God complex, small testicles, inferiority complex… who knows?

What I do know is that option 1 doesn’t work, unless you think having a conversion rate of less than 1% and a CPL north of $200 is “working”.

Your readers simply don’t give two sh*ts about who you think you are, what awards you’ve won, or how lovely you think your offices are.

They’re interested in one thing sonny:

What you can do for them.

Say it with me now!

“Potential clients care what you can do for them!”

There you go.

Don’t you feel better? Good; go stroke a puppy.

Your landing pages have one job!

If your landing pages were qualified plumbers, I’d pay good money to see them clear up the cr*p that’s being served up in Limassol with regards to the landing pages Forex Brokers are currently producing.

Plunger in the toilet - JaymesPayten.com

Thing is, your landing pages aren’t qualified plumbers. But they can get you to where you need to be lead-wise, and more important, conversion rate-wise and money-wise.

If you’re serious about bringing in leads who actually want to spend money on the product or service you’re selling, you need me.

Arrogant? Who the f*ck cares if I’m making you money. And that, baby, is what I do. I make companies money by working with their marketing teams to create kickass landing page content that sells whatever you’re selling.

I’m ready to make your business money too.

Are you ready to make some real money?


Fill in the form below or WhatsApp me right now and let me know what you’re currently doing with regards to your landing pages. I’ll take it from there.

Are you ready to make some real money?

If you're old skool like me and prefer emailing using you Gmail or Outlook (I can't stand Outlook and I'm sure it hates me too), then drop me an email to hello@jaymespayten.com.

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